65k 4 65 Roses
13 Feb 2021 to 21 Feb 2021

The 65K 4 65 Roses Walkathon is an annual fun walk and endurance event held to raise funds for the fight against cystic fibrosis, a life threatening genetic condition affecting thousands of Australians.

The 2021 65K 4 65 Roses Walkathon is going virtual! It will take place over the span of a week, from 13 February through 21 February with an emphasis on 65K Day, which will be 20 February.

The 65K 4 65 Roses Walkathon is named after the ultra-marathon distance of 65 kilometres and uses the name 65 Roses – which is the nickname for cystic fibrosis. But don’t let the 65km course scare you off – there are several distance categories to choose from and you can choose to tackle your distance in one go or over the span of 9 days from 13 February until 21 February.

Runners are welcome!

65 Roses Day