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Atlas of Living Australia

The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) is a collaborative, digital, open infrastructure that pulls together Australian biodiversity data from multiple sources, making it accessible and reusable.

The ALA helps to create a more detailed picture of Australia’s biodiversity for scientists, policy makers, environmental planners and land managers, industry and the general public, and enables them to work more efficiently.

The ALA is the Australian node and a full voting member of GBIF – the Global Biodiversity Information Facility – an international network and data infrastructure funded by the world’s governments and aimed at providing anyone, anywhere, open access to data about all types of life on Earth. 

Australian Antarctic Program

The Australian Antarctic Division is part of the Australian Government’s Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

The Division, based in Kingston, Tasmania, leads and coordinates and delivers the Australian Antarctic Program.

Australian Government Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water

We are responsible for matters relating to:

  • environment protection and conservation of biodiversity
  • air quality
  • land contamination
  • waste programs
  • management of industrial chemicals
  • meteorology
  • administration of the Australian Antarctic Territory, and the Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands
  • natural, built and cultural heritage
  • environmental information and research
  • ionospheric prediction
  • co-ordination of sustainable communities policy
  • urban environment
  • water policy and resources
  • environmental water use and resources relating to the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder
  • national water infrastructure investment
  • development and co-ordination of domestic, community and household climate action
  • climate change adaptation strategy and co-ordination
  • co-ordination of climate change science activities
  • development and co-ordination of international climate change policy
  • international climate change negotiations
  • greenhouse emissions and energy consumption reporting
  • greenhouse gas abatement programs
  • energy policy
  • national energy market, including electricity, gas and liquid fuels
  • national fuel quality standards
  • renewable energy
  • renewable energy target policy, regulation and co-ordination
  • renewable energy technology development
  • industrial energy efficiency
  • energy efficiency
  • energy-specific international obligations and activities.

Bureau of Meteorology

The Bureau of Meteorology is Australia’s national weather, climate and water agency. Its expertise and services assist Australians in dealing with the harsh realities of their natural environment, including drought, floods, fires, storms, tsunami and tropical cyclones.

Through regular forecasts, warnings, monitoring and advice spanning the Australian region and Antarctic territory, the Bureau provides one of the most fundamental and widely used services of government.

CSIRO: Education Programs

We offer a range of programs nationally, all designed to bring real science to life in our classrooms and communities. All our resources are curriculum aligned and use best practice STEM teaching methods, catering for primary to secondary schooling, and on to tertiary education and early career opportunities.

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Oganisation (NACCHO)

The National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) is the national leadership body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health in Australia. Our organisation provides advice and guidance to the Australian Government on policy and budget matters while advocating for community-developed health solutions that contribute to the quality of life and improved health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

NSW Department of Planning and Environment

The Environment and Heritage Group is part of the Department of Planning and Environment.

Our vision is for a thriving, sustainable and resilient New South Wales.

Environment and Heritage works with communities, businesses, and governments to protect, preserve and strengthen the quality of our natural environment and heritage. We do this through active stewardship that supports a healthy New South Wales.

We are committed to creating thriving environments, communities and economies that benefit the people of New South Wales.

NSW Health: Drinking Water

A secure and safe supply of drinking water is fundamental to public health. The NSW Government has endorsed the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 (published by the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Natural Resource Management Ministerial Council).

The guidelines provide a solid foundation for assessing drinking water quality, by specifying health-based and aesthetic criteria as well as the philosophy of a ‘multiple barrier approach’ from catchment to tap, so to ensure safety of the water.

Planet Ark

Planet Ark Environmental Foundation is an Australian not-for-profit organisation that helps individuals, communities, governments and businesses reduce their impact on the environment. We are one of Australia’s leading environmental behaviour change organisations, with a focus on working collaboratively and positively.

Sustainable choices for your household, businesses, or community.

The NSW Climate and Energy Action website provides easy-to-access information and opportunities to support you to make sustainable choices for your household, businesses, or community.

Take action in your home to save energy, money and the environment.

Your Home

Australia’s independent guide to creating sustainable homes for the future.