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Consumers Health Forum of Australia

CHF is Australia’s leading advocate on consumer health care issues.

We work to achieve safe, good quality, timely healthcare for all Australians, supported by the best health information and systems the country can afford.

Health Care Complaints Commission

The Health Care Complaints Commission acts to protect public health and safety by resolving, investigating and prosecuting complaints about health care.

Health Consumers NSW

We support and help health consumers to be a voice for themselves and their communities. We do this through:

  • training and mentoring for health consumer representatives, so they can be powerful advocates for themselves and others
  • training for health services, so they build patient-centred care and consumer partnerships and feedback into their strategies and systems
  • our ‘request-a-rep’ service for health organisations who want genuine input from consumers
  • representation of consumers through submissions and seats on key government and health service committees
  • our online tools and resources hub, newsletters and social media channels.

We do not offer a personal advocacy service and we don’t handle personal complaints about a health service you received. But we can help you to find the right person to talk to.