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Australian Bureau of Statistics

We are Australia’s national statistical agency and an official source of independent, reliable information. We tell the real story of Australia, its economy and its people by bringing life and meaning to numbers.

Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Our role is to provide meaningful information and statistics for the benefit of the Australian people by:

  • developing, maintaining and promoting statistical information standards for the health, community services and housing assistance sectors
  • collecting and managing data on health and welfare issues, including from state, territory and federal government agencies
  • analysing and releasing a range of health and welfare products (data and reports) to key policy areas, to support better policy and service delivery decisions
  • enhancing data resources with the addition of new health and welfare data assets to the AIHW’s data holdings to fill data gaps in the health and welfare sectors
  • modernising the presentation and availability of national health and welfare products to meet the needs of diverse audiences such as state, territory and federal government agencies, universities, research centres, and non-government organisations.

Bureau of Health Information

BHI produces independent reports and information about the performance of the NSW healthcare system.

Using advanced data analytics, data visualisation and communications, we deliver reports and information products that describe key aspects of healthcare performance for a range of audiences in ways that align with the priorities of consumer, healthcare and policy audiences.

HealthStats NSW

HealthStats NSW is a ‘one-stop-shop’ public website bringing together data from many sources to produce statistical information about the health of the NSW population. Users can view and download data and select indicators to produce tailored reports that provide insights into a wide range of health determinants and outcomes, including:

  • the health status of the NSW population
  • health inequalities and the determinants of health
  • the major causes of disease and injury and current health challenges
  • trends in health and comparisons between age groups and geographic locations.

The data in HealthStats NSW cover a range of health risk factors, diseases, locations, and specific populations.

NSW Health: Population health surveys

Population health surveys provide ongoing information on health behaviours, health status and other factors that influence the health of the people of NSW.