Health Calendar

01 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

Participate in SHOCTOBER and help beat cardiac arrest. About 90 people are affected by sudden cardiac arrest outside the hospital every day in Australia (33,000 victims ... more →

National Safe Work Month
01 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

Since Safe Work Australia’s inception, there has been a steady decline in the rate of work-related fatalities and workers’ compensation claims. Work-related injury and ... more →

01 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

October is Australia’s walking month! With the winter months behind us, it is a great time to get outside, join up with family and friends, ... more →

Polio Awareness Month
01 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

Wear Orange for World Polio Day each year falls on or near the birthdate of Jonas Salk (28 October). World Polio Day aims to increase awareness ... more →

01 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

Ocsober is a fundraising initiative that encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of October.  Ocsober supports Life Education and their iconic mascot Healthy ... more →

Girls’ Night In
01 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

Every day in Australia around 50 women are diagnosed with breast or a gynaecological cancer. Whether it’s selling merchandise, volunteering on Pink Ribbon Day or ... more →

Mental Health Month
01 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

 Mental Health Month is celebrated each year in the month of October in NSW. This awareness month encourages all of us to think about ... more →

Lupus Awareness Month
01 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

The first Lupus Awareness observance occurred in 1977 when President Carter signed Public Law 95-72 which declared September 18-24, 1977 as National Lupus ... more →

Limb Difference Awareness Week
19 Oct 2020 to 25 Oct 2020 

Limb Difference Awareness Week is an opportunity to raise awareness of people living with a hand or limb difference. Our goal is to promote inclusion ... more →

Loud Shirt Day
23 Oct 2020 

Loud Shirt Day is a positive an excuse to wear your brightest clothes (love ‘em, hate ‘em, whatever) and raise money to help give the ... more →

International Brain Tumour Awareness Week
24 Oct 2020 to 31 Oct 2020 

The 14th International Brain Tumour Awareness Week will be held from Saturday, 24th October 2020 to Saturday 31st October 2020 inclusive.  We encourage you to ... more →

National Children’s Week
24 Oct 2020 to 01 Nov 2020 

Children's Week is an annual event celebrated in Australia during the fourth week in October. In 1996 it was decided to adopt a permanent theme: ... more →

World Polio Day
24 Oct 2020 

No child anywhere should suffer from this completely preventable disease. Help us celebrate World Polio Day and make history today. Register your event here and ... more →

Occupational Therapy Week
26 Oct 2020 to 01 Nov 2020 

During OT Week we celebrate occupational therapy and promote the many ways occupational therapists help all people to reach their potential. OT Week coincides with ... more →

Blue Knot Day
28 Oct 2020 

Blue Knot Day is Blue Knot Foundation's national awareness day celebrated in October every year. On this day, we ask all Australians to unite in ... more →

World Psoriasis Day
29 Oct 2020 

IFPA presents World Psoriasis Day as an annual day dedicated to people with psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis. It has been celebrated on October 29 for ... more →

Day for Daniel
30 Oct 2020 

The Day for Daniel is a National Day of Action to raise awareness of child safety, protection and harm prevention.  It is about educating children and ... more →

National Adoption Awareness Month
01 Nov 2020 to 30 Nov 2020 

NAAM exists to raise awareness of adoption and the importance of permanency for children, along with providing education on the support needs of children and ... more →

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month
01 Nov 2020 to 30 Nov 2020 

Raising pancreatic cancer awareness can be done as an individual or group all year long, but it is especially important during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month in November. It ... more →

Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month
01 Nov 2020 to 30 Nov 2020 

November marks Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month and Lung Foundation Australia is raising awareness about Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) and the symptoms and support available for ... more →